SUNSET® Introduces Shazam!™ Shishito Peppers To Heat Up Retail Pepper Category

Tue. May 29th, 2018 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

KINGSVILLE, ON - Select retailers are providing Shazam!™ Shishito peppers, recently introduced by SUNSET® in its innovative Chef Inspired line. Already one of the more popular appetizers on restaurant menus this year, consumers can now find these slim, flavorful peppers in produce departments.

Paul Mastronardi, CEO, SUNSET®

“Shishito peppers have been growing tremendously in foodservice and we saw a huge opportunity to provide this to consumers at a retail level,” commented CEO Paul Mastronardi. “We believe the pepper category is ripe for innovation. We are pleased to introduce Shazam! to our roster of unique and exciting products.”

Shazam!™ Shishito Peppers

Now among the top five fastest growing categories in foodservice, according to a press release, Shazam! joins SUNSET’s Chef Inspired collection and delivers a unique and exciting flavor experience to consumers. The company’s Culinary Director, Roger Mooking, gave some insight to the flavor and its appeal to consumers.

Roger Mooking, Culinary Director, SUNSET®

“Nine out of ten of the peppers have a mild and savory flavor, with a faint citrus note, while one of the ten has a zesty, but not overpowering burst of heat,” explained Mooking. “Although great in salads or as a snack, I recommend Shazam! Shishito peppers roasted in olive oil with a dash of sea salt.”

With a vibrant green color and beautiful, aromatic flavor, the company noted that Shazam! Shishito peppers are perfect for backyard entertaining at summer BBQs and pool parties. Available at select retailers, keep on the lookout for these flavorful peppers that appeal to consumers’ adventurous side and add an element of anticipation and excitement to any meal.