SUNSET® Produce Kicks Off First Canadian Pepper Harvest of 2015

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Mon. March 2nd, 2015 - by Christofer Oberst

KINGSVILLE, ON - SUNSET® is harvesting the first Canadian greenhouse-grown peppers of 2015 to heat up winter palates.

Grown at the company’s first carbon negative greenhouse facility EnviroFresh Farms in Ontario, SUNSET® sweet bell peppers, known for their vibrant color and flavor, have already made their debut in stores. With the completion of SUNSET’s newest pepper venture, Pepperco USA, the company’s Michigan grown peppers aren’t far behind with harvest expected for early spring, according to a press release.

Paul Mastronardi, CEO, SUNSET“We’re very excited for the first harvest of our Michigan grown peppers,” said CEO Paul Mastronardi. “Since introducing Michigan tomatoes in 2012, we’ve had an incredibly positive response, so we’re anticipating a lot of enthusiasm for our Michigan grown peppers.”

Both pepper greenhouses are located within just a few hours of distribution centers, ensuring that customers get their deliveries quick and efficient.

The pepper harvest comes just in time as consumption is on the rise. SUNSET® is offering a host of recipes on its website for consumers to take advantage of the versatility of peppers.

Daniela Ferro, Communications Coordinator, SUNSET“We’re actively engaging with our flavor followers, and we’ve found that more and more people are looking to incorporate peppers into their meals,” said Daniela Ferro, Communications Coordinator. “Some of our most popular recipes on, like our colorful pepper stir fry, showcase different ways to enjoy our peppers in a variety of dishes for an easy and flavorful boost of Vitamin C.”

Stay tuned to AndNowUKnow for the latest on SUNSET’s upcoming harvest out of Michigan.