Sunview Marketing's Mitch Wetzel Details California Table Grape Supply

Tue. August 18th, 2020 - by Chandler James

DELANO, CA - The perfect bunch of grapes is pure royalty, and that’s exactly what Sunview Marketing serves up from July through December. The company touts its unrivaled portfolio as a one-stop-shop for retailers, with both conventional and organic varieties aplenty. To gain a better sense of all that Sunview has to offer this time of year, I got in touch with Mitch Wetzel, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Mitchell Wetzel, Vice President of Sales, Sunview Marketing International“This is a great time of year here at Sunview Marketing. We started our season as usual in early July and the product quality is excellent. This month we have some fresh, crisp, sweet grapes that we are currently harvesting and sending to our retail partners,” Mitch began. “In particular, our Stella Bella® branded green seedless grapes started in July, and we will be harvesting into October. This proprietary brand was introduced several years ago and has gained an incredible following from consumers and retailers. It is amazing the amount of consumer feedback we get as shoppers all over the world recognize and appreciate the quality of grapes out of the San Joaquin Valley.”

Through the month of August, Sunview’s Sparkle™ grapes will continue to be available after the company garnered rave reviews in the marketplace. In addition to Sparkle and Stella Bella, Sunview’s GEM® red seedless grapes will kick off this month. In September, the company will start harvesting its Sweet Carnival™ grapes with promotable volumes available through November and into December. Last year produced Sunview’s first sufficient supply of these golden seedless grapes, and this year another excellent supply available to everyone across the globe can be expected.

Sunview Marketing's supply of Stella Bella®, pictured left, and Sparkle™, pictured right, grape varieties continue to drive sales at retail

“In addition to all of our conventional grapes, Sunview is one of the largest growers of organics here in the Central Valley,” Mitch added. “This area of our business has continued to grow year after year, and we have been dedicating more acreage and resources to this important consumer segment. Our retail partners tell us that they have the confidence in Sunview to not only meet all of their conventional grape needs throughout the entire season but also all of their organic needs. Given the challenges that our retail partners are facing this year in particular, we are glad that we can make their jobs a little easier.”

As Sunview charges into September and fall, it expects to continue its strong sales momentum with promotable quantities of green, red, and black grapes for its partners. A large portion of the total grape harvest occurs during these months, according to Mitch, and Sunview is set up perfectly to handle this increased volume.

In September, Sunview Marketing will start harvesting its Sweet Carnival™ grapes with promotable volumes available through November and into December

“The competitive advantage of Sunview’s program is that our customers count on Sunview as the one source for all their grape needs from July through the end of the year. We work very hard to make the process of getting grapes to their stores as seamless and easy as possible. We want them to know that Sunview appreciates the dedication and hard work of their buying offices, warehouses, and front line teams,” Mitch concluded.

With Sunview Marketing in your network, the grape category is sure to drive shopper dollars to the produce aisle. For more from Sunview and other industry-leading companies, stick with us at AndNowUKnow.

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