Super Starr International Confirms Quality and Food Safety Excellence

Wed. August 9th, 2017 - by Jessica Donnel

COLIMA, MX - In an industry that’s constantly reminded of how food safety can make or break a business, Super Starr International is reminding its customers that the topic remains at the top of the company’s priorities. With last month bringing concerns focused on an outbreak of salmonella in Maradol papaya varieties and a subsequent recall, Super Starr has confirmed that the company has not been linked in any way, and has continued to pass quality and safety standards.

Super Starr Papaya

“At Super Starr, we’re committed to owning each part of the supply chain–from farming, packing, and shipping–for the highest level of food safety and product control,” said Lance Peterson, third generation farmer of the Super Starr brand and President at Super Starr International. “Back in 2011, when the FDA was forced to stop papayas from shipping from Mexico because of salmonella, our product was the first to be approved and placed on the green-list for consumption–these same standards ring true in today’s cases.”

For three generations, the Super Starr family has grown, packed, and shipped its produce in-house, allowing for the company to keep offering high-integrity products, including year-round Maradol and Royal Star variety papayas. In a press release, Super Starr stressed that its customers find the company's direct-style of relationships as a great way to ensure the highest-quality fruit is shipped consistently throughout the year. In addition to papayas, Super Starr’s over 25-year experience and reputation growing melons and watermelons in Mexico give buyers confidence that their product one grown by people they can trust.

Maradol Papaya

“Our papaya varieties have proven to be able to travel further and stay fresh longer through advanced seed breeding, which has set the standard for excellence around the world for over a decade,” added Peterson. “We’re more excited than ever to be a resource to our customers who are looking for consistency in the market.”

To learn more information about the company, Super Starr asks that you contact Lance Peterson, Chris Hoffman, or Mert Gumus at either (956) 510-8126, or [email protected]

Super Starr International