Super Starr International's Lance Peterson Discusses Organic and Conventional Papaya for Viva Fresh 2022, With New Launches Coming

Wed. April 13th, 2022 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

DALLAS, TX - Certain items summon vacation thoughts and tropical dreams upon sight or name—and papayas are most certainly one of them. Super Starr International is bringing that experience to the show floor of the 2022 Viva Fresh Expo in Dallas, Texas, later this month as the operations excitedly returned to the Southwest show.

Lance Peterson, President, Super Starr International“Viva Fresh is a great show for Super Starr, as we operate out of the Rio Grande Valley and focus on the Texas market, along with customers from all over the United States and Canada,” Lance Peterson, President, shares. “Viva Fresh is also an excellent time to reconnect with members of the produce industry—we are really looking forward to seeing everyone in person again!”

Amid the reunions, Super Starr will be keyed in and ready to showcase organic and conventional fair trade-certified papayas for retail.

“Super Starr is conscious about what we do and how we treat our people on the way to giving our final customer the best product possible, so we offer the only fair-trade certified papayas on the market! Our practices consider the impact on the individual lives of both producers and consumers over time. We protect and support the well-being of farmers and all other workers while also ensuring that all our fruit is produced with vigilant consideration of the environment, including lab testing to increase crop resiliency and reduce chemical usage,” Lance explains.

Super Starr International is gearing up to showcase organic and conventional fair trade-certified papayas for retail at the Viva Fresh Expo

And what is an industry reunion without something new to surprise us with? While Lance isn’t ready to dish the details, I am told to be on the lookout for something new from Super Starr…

“We are currently working on some new products, and we look forward to sharing those with you in the near future!” he teases. “When working with Super Starr, you are buying directly from the grower. This not only saves you money, but ensures high-quality fruit time after time. Being both the grower and shipper allows for hands-on quality control of our papayas from the seed to when it arrives to the customer, and we are excited to bring that commitment to what we are venturing into next.”

Constantly regulating the entire production process and working to help set the standard for safe, exceptional papayas, I can only imagine what Super Starr has up its sleeve. Like you, I will definitely be making a stop by booth #508 to sate my curiosity come April 21 to April 23!

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