Superior Fresh Announces Expanded Greenhouse, New Packaging, And A Revamped Website

Wed. March 17th, 2021 - by Peggy Packer

NORTHFIELD, WI - Before diving headfirst into this industry as a trade news writer, there is nobody on Earth who could have convinced me that fish could somehow play a role in growing the leafy greens that create the base of my favorite salads. But, as I’ve come to learn, you can always dig deeper into the world of fresh produce. With my metaphorical shovel in hand, I recently had a conversation that opened my eyes to the growth of Superior Fresh, which has just doubled its greenhouse capacity, is in the process of rolling out new packaging, and has completed a brand new website.

Peyton Rudy, Marketing and Brand Manager, Superior Fresh“We’re really excited about what this means as far as supply for our existing customers and being able to reach more people with our products. This expansion means that our supply can continue to grow, as well as our distribution footprint,” said Marketing and Brand Manager Peyton Rudy, as she mentions that more and more retailers are signing on to sell the brand’s products.

The grower’s state-of-the-art greenhouse has recently been expanded to 13 acres and is already actively growing crops. Superior Fresh utilizes aquaponics to grow its delicious organic leafy greens and raise its fish, as the company’s greenhouse is one-half of a closed-loop water system that allows it to repurpose 99.9 percent of its water.

Superior Fresh recently announced that it has doubled its greenhouse capacity

And as if such a large expansion wasn’t enough to have me running back to my desk with a story to share, Superior Fresh is also doubling down on its commitment to sustainability with the launch of new packaging slated for 2021. The new clamshells are a 40 percent plastic reduction from the typical clamshell and are made from two repurposed water bottles. The company has also adopted modified atmosphere packaging, which allows the leafy greens to breathe, ultimately extending the shelf life.

“This gives us the opportunity to provide fresher greens in a more responsible way. We’re always challenging ourselves and our systems and trying to make little improvements that ensure our greens are the best they possibly can be,” Peyton explains to me.

Superior Fresh is doubling down on its commitment to sustainability with the launch of new packaging slated for 2021

The launch of the new packaging accompanies the recent revamp of Superior Fresh’s website, which features a completely new architecture and color palette to complement the logo the brand unveiled this past summer. On the refreshed site, consumers and customers can explore the company’s dedication to water conservation and land restoration, mouthwatering recipes that include its delicious leafy greens and salmon, and other intriguing facts about the powerhouse that is Superior Fresh.

Walking away from the conversation with my eyes wide-open to the endless possibilities within this industry, I’m even more excited to keep digging, because I’m certain there is a lot more to uncover.

Where will its constant innovation and commitment to sustainability take this grower next? You can be sure we at AndNowUKnow will be here to report.

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