Tasteful Selections Launches New Campaign: Inspiration in a Small Bite

Thu. September 5th, 2019
- by Melissa De Leon     

ARVIN, CA - Potatoes are the spice of life, even if they aren’t a spice at all. For Tasteful Selections®, it’s aware that consumers go wild for spuds and is hoping to inspire even more shoppers with its Small-Bite campaign. For the next two months, the company will be providing inspiration through bold flavors and new recipes, proving that its bite-size potatoes can be versatile, flavorful, and offer inspo for countless meals to come.

Tim Huffcutt, Marketing Director, RPE“As we move into the next theme of our Small-Bite Campaign, we will offer inspiration to our consumers,” said RPE Marketing Director Tim Huffcutt. “Flavorful and versatile, Tasteful Selections bite-size potatoes are the perfect muse to inspire your meal. With recipes like Saucy Macaroni & Potato Meatballs, Potato Gnocchi Hash, and Passion Chive Potatoes, Tasteful Selections will inspire bite-size, potato-filled meal-time favorites.”

Tasteful Selections has launched its Small-Bite campaign to provide consumers with inspiration through bold flavors and new recipes

According to a press release, consumers can win a prize package that will surely spark inspiration in even the most fuss-less home chef. This prize includes free potatoes, a Kodak Printomatic Instant Camera Gift Bundle, cast iron skillet, cooking utensils, foodie dice, and more!

“We want to share just how versatile and fun meal planning can be with bite-size potatoes,” Huffcutt said. “In the next theme of our Small-Bite Campaign, 'Inspiration in a small bite,' we hope to inspire new ideas to bring to you and your future meals.”

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