Tasteful Selections Rolls Out Two New Micro-Ready Trays; Tim Huffcutt Discusses

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Fri. June 3rd, 2022 - by Peggy Packer

ARVIN, CA - The warm months are transporting me back to the South, as all through my neighborhood people are firing up their grills and kicking off their long-awaited summer barbecues. The produce department is a top destination for shoppers looking to bring both flavor and nutrition to these occasions, and Tasteful Selections has presented the perfect opportunity to elevate potato sales: two new micro-ready trays that deliver on flavor and convenience.

Tim Huffcutt, Vice President of Sales and Marketing Operations, RPE“We couldn’t be more excited to be offering new micro-ready trays for the grilling season,” said Tim Huffcutt, Vice President of Sales and Marketing Operations. “Our culinary development team developed quality, high-flavor seasonings that will elevate our bite-size potato flavor.”

Each of the new offerings features 16 oz of the supplier’s fresh Sunburst Blend™ bite-size potatoes and a custom-blended seasoning packet, packed in a convenient microwaveable tray. The value-added side dishes can be easily prepared in the microwave and eaten or added to the grill. As noted in a press release, new micro-ready trays will be in stores for a limited time.

Ahead of grilling season, Tasteful Selections has launched two new micro-ready trays that deliver on flavor and convenience while boosting potato sales

Bringing more flavor to consumers’ grilling occasions, the products feature two new seasoning blends. American Blend is a bold blend of sea salt, coarse ground pepper, and chophouse-style spices, while Garlic Parmesan presents a classic savory combination of warm garlic and creamy parmesan.

The summer grilling season is sending shoppers straight to stores, and with the right products on the shelf, you’re sure to make the most of the merchandising opportunities it brings.

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