Tasti-Lee Gets Trendy, Releases New Products and Packaging

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Fri. January 4th, 2019 - by Sarah Johnson

LOS ANGELES, CA - New year, new tomatoes? This resolution is spot on for Flavorful Brands LLC, as they just announced its Tasti-Lee® tomato brand has released new products and packaging to stay on-trend for 2019.

Convenience and value are on the minds of the consumer this year, and retailers and producers alike are starting to provide on-trend products to meet demands. The Tasti-Lee brand is no exception, introducing its new grape snacking tomato, Tasti-Wee’s® to the market early this January.

 The Tasti-Lee's new grape snacking tomato, Tasti-Wee’s®

According to the company in a recent press release, “Tasti-Wee’s® have many of the same features as Tasti-Lee, including that great Tasti-Lee flavor, the rich red color, the high lycopene, and the excellent shelf life. Now that great, authentic tomato flavor of Tasti-Lee® tomatoes is available in a snack size.”

Flavorful Brands’ commitment to convenience doesn’t stop there however, as it has also introduced Tasti-Lee and Tasti-Wee tomatoes in pre-packaged 1.25 pound bags. All Tasti-Lee offerings, including organic and conventionally grown tomatoes, will be available in the new bags.

All Tasti-Lee offerings will be available in pre-packaged 1.25 pound bags

This newly improved and convenient packaging allows consumers to inspect the tomatoes before purchase and provides a new format for retail display. Retailers nationwide will be able to get their hands on the new Tasti-Lee bags and new Tasti-Wee snackable tomatoes early this year.

AndNowUKnow commends Flavorful Brands for reading the consumer trends for 2019 and for putting out new on-trend products and packaging for retailers to primp up their produce displays for the new year.

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