Urban Produce Introduces Organic Wheatgrass & Organic Live Microgreens 
to the Retail Markets

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Wed. March 18th, 2015 - by Jessica Donnel

IRVINE, CA - Urban Produce has introduced its first products into the retail market with the release of its Organic Wheatgrass in Southern California Albertsons and its Organic Live Microgreens in Gelson’s and Fresh & Easy. 

Organic Produce Wheatgrass

The Organic Wheatgrass has already seen success at Albertsons, according to the company. The product is said to offer a few health benefits, with one study showing it may reduce signs of aging.

The company’s Organic Living Microgreens also hit retailer’s shelves, with three different blends: Kale-ifornia™, Hot Mama’, and Broccoli. While the Organic Broccoli Microgreen can is somewhat self-explanatory, the Kale-ifornia™ and Hot Mama’ blends are more differentiated. 

The Kale-ifornia™ microgreen blend is a combination of a few different nutritionally dense greens, one being kale. This blend is intended to be added to smoothies, salads, or sandwiches among other dishes.

The Hot Mama’ blend is a combination of 4 spicy radish varieties, making it a logical addition to tacos, burgers, salsa, and more. 

Urban Produce Live Organic Microgreens

According to a press release, all 3 combinations are packed with 4 to 6 times more vitamin C, E, K and Beta-Carotene than fully grown vegetables. And Urban Produce’s live packaged micro greens maintain their full body taste and natural enzymes, vitamins, and minerals until they are ready to be cut and eaten. This helps ensure freshness and increased shelf life. The Organic Live Microgreens are delivered in a closed clamshell and will have an approximate 21-day shelf life

Urban Produce’s microgreens are also sustainable. The live microgreens are grown in their patented Urban Produce High Density Vertical Growing System, reducing water usage, increasing efficiency, and saving costs by applying new technology to traditional hydroponic growing.

Urban Produce