Veg-Fresh Farms to Begin Shipping Good Life Organic™ Out of Nogales Facility

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Mon. September 12th, 2016 - by Jessica Donnel

NOGALES, AZ - Retailers will have a new distribution hub for its Good Life Organic™ products come mid-October. Veg-Fresh Farms has announced it will begin offering FOB sales and distribution for organic Italian squash, organic green bells, and organic cucumbers out of Nogales, Arizona, all grown and packed in the Good Life Organic™ label.  

 Anthony Innocenti, Category Manager, Good Life Organic™“Loading Good Life Organic™ produce out of Nogales offers our customers a wide variety of advantages that will enhance their organic program,” explains Anthony Innocenti, the Good Life Organic™ Category Manager. “The efficiencies of buying direct loads out of Nogales cannot be discounted when looking at ways to streamline your organic supply chain without sacrificing quality.” 

Veg-Fresh Farms will offer a large variety of organic produce grown and packed under the Good Life Organic™ label, giving retailers a consistent look for their store shelves, as well as reliable and strong quality. According to a press release, consistency in labeling and quality in an organic program at store level has proven to build consumer confidence and loyalty.

Good Life Organic™ offers a full line of organic vegetables including: 

  • Italian and yellow squash
  • Eggplant
  • Cucumbers
  • Green and colored bells
  • Roma tomatoes
  • Green beans
  • Hard squashes

Just as important as providing consistent quality and a wide variety, Innocenti shares that the Good Life Organic™ Nogales facility offers consolidation services that will save retailers time by giving them a one-stop-shop.  

“Our goal is to have our customer’s truck arrive, load, and depart,” Innocenti adds. “Keeping it simple and streamlining the supply chain. However, in the event a retailer needs more product to fill out their truck, Veg-Fresh Farms will also be offering conventional dry veg, a full line of chiles, and conventional tomatoes at the Nogales facility.”

Starting in mid October, the Good Life Organic™ location in Nogales will continue shipping through June. Both organic grapes and organic mixed melons will join the mix of products come late spring, the company says. A third generation family-run agribusiness, Veg-Fresh Farms also provides fresh produce under the Veg-Fresh Farms and Crystal Cove Berry Farms labels.

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