Veg-Fresh Farms' Daniela Toro-Martinez Discusses Promotion of Organic Sweet King Vine Ripe Tomatoes With Red, White & Win Sweepstakes

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Mon. June 21st, 2021 - by Jenna Plasterer

CORONA, CA - Fourth of July is just a few weeks away, and Veg-Fresh Farms has introduced a new strategy to get consumers even more excited about hitting the produce aisles this summer. Launching its very first Red, White & Win sweepstakes, the fresh purveyor is giving away $1,500, while promoting its popular proprietary Organic Sweet King Vine Ripe Tomatoes just ahead of the holiday synonymous with grilling.

Daniela Toro-Martinez, Marketing, Veg-Fresh Farms“We believe consumers will be planning big Fourth of July BBQs and celebrations with family and friends as the pandemic restrictions start to loosen up,” commented Daniela Toro-Martinez, Marketing. “This is the perfect time to encourage consumers to purchase our Organic Sweet King tomatoes as they are ideal for burgers or in a caprese salad; that will allow them to taste the full bold flavor and see the red color and perfect slices!”

The sweepstakes will run from June 21–July 5, according to a press release, and will help create and drive awareness around the organic tomato variety.

Veg-Fresh Farms has launched its first-ever  Red, White & Win sweepstakes to promote its proprietary Organic Sweet King Vine Ripe Tomatoes

This is the perfect time for the strategic play, as the rich red hue of Organic Sweet King Tomatoes will add an extra pop of color to any patriotic themed retail display, and likewise any consumer dish.

As shoppers get ready to hit the aisles to prep for their Fourth of July feasts, get Veg-Fresh’s Organic Sweet King Tomatoes on display to collect some extra register rings while giving your consumers a chance to earn some dollars of their own.

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