Veg-Fresh Farms' Randy Cancellieri Discusses Sweet King™ Tomato Variety

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Tue. March 9th, 2021 - by Anne Allen

CORONA, CA - I am what you might call a tomato snob. With a discerning palate, it’s rare that I find one that makes my taste buds sing, but I dare say I’ve found my match in Veg-Fresh Farms’ Sweet King™ Tomatoes. To learn more about this variety, I spoke with Randy Cancellieri, Managing Partner.

Randy Cancellieri, Managing Partner, Veg-Fresh Farms“The Organic Sweet King is a proprietary, crimson vine-ripe variety like consumers have never tasted before. Every Sweet King tomato boasts full flavor, bold red color, and perfect slices,” he shared with me.

Bold words fitting for a bold tomato.

“These organic tomatoes taste so particularly good because the plant itself is a shorter vine, which is different than the traditional longer vines. This ensures that the ground nutrients more efficiently and effectively reach each and every piece of fruit. They are also grown and harvested in a short period of time, which keeps that flavor and quality profile so consistently perfect,” Randy noted.

Grown with shorter vines and a shorter growing cycle, Veg-Fresh Farms’ Sweet King™ tomatoes offer a deliciously fresh flavor that stands out at retail

This growing style captures the gorgeous flavor of the Sweet King Tomatoes, making them a certain standout in retail programs.

“The growing and harvest cycle of the Sweet King tomato plant differs from that of commercially grown hothouse vine ripe tomatoes, which are grown for long cycles with vines running miles that can minimize the nutritive properties to the plants,” Randy explained. “Sweet Kings are grown as nature intended—shorter plants with short harvest cycles ensuring a tomato flavor that will remind consumers of tomatoes grown in their own backyard.”

Sweet King™ Tomatoes feature a bold color, rich flavor, and are perfect for slicing and grilling

As grilling season approaches, these tomatoes need to be a standard across the produce department.

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