The Vision Companies Donates Funds to Ecuadorian Earthquake Relief

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Fri. December 2nd, 2016 - by Robert Schaulis

LOS ANGELES, CA - Giving back to a community of growers hit by disaster, and working to ensure the future of the country’s ecosystem and produce industry, The Vision Companies is reaching out and donating to earthquake relief in Ecuador.

The company donated funds through the Global Giving Foundation, a global crowdfunding community that aims to connect nonprofits, donors, and companies looking to make the world a better place. Earthquakes have decimated Ecuador throughout the year, the most recent occurring December 1st. The most severe of these quakes occurred April 16th, a disaster in which at least 550 people were killed and thousands displaced, according to the foundation’s website.  

Donald Souther, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, The Vision Companies“There is more to life than produce, we got involved with the Ecuadorian Earthquake Relief Project because we want to support the ecosystems and people that help supply us with fruit,” said Donald Souther, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Vision, in a company press release. “Our team works hand and hand with farmers throughout the world, the bonds and friendships we form goes way beyond work. So, to participate and donate to this cause is more than a business decision, it is a moral obligation.”

The company’s donation will support recovery and relief efforts in the region. Funds will help first responders meet survivors’ immediate needs: food, fuel, potable water, hygiene products, and shelter. After the initial relief effort is completed, funds will transfer to long-term recovery projects run by local organizations that have been vetted by the Global Giving Foundation.

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