Volm Companies and Wyma Solutions Announce Strategic Partnership in North America

Wed. May 31st, 2017 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

ANTIGO, WI - Volm Companies and Wyma Solutions have entered a formal strategic partnership, bringing together a wide array of experience and resources.

The two plan to work in a closely integrated manner, they said in a recent release, resulting in world-class turn-key solutions leveraging both organizations’ global experience.

Matthew Alexander, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing, Volm Companies

“As the relationship has strengthened over time, we are pleased to be a strategic partner and we look forward to showcasing the combined capabilities of both organizations,” said Matthew Alexander, Volm’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Andrew Barclay, Managing Director, Wyma Solutions

With a global reputation for providing high-quality post-harvest equipment, Wyma Solutions’ Andrew Barclay, Managing Director, commented, “Wyma is confident this partnership with Volm will maximise the effectiveness of cooperation and ultimately benefit our customers with high quality, complete solutions.”

With Volm’s coast-to-coast distribution and technical service network, as well as a combined comprehensive equipment and engineering portfolio, the duo expressed confidence that this step will help them to provide an unmatched customer experience.

From left to right: Andrew Barclay, Managing Director, Wyma Solutions, and Daniel Mueller, President and CEO, Volm Companies, shake hands at the newly-opened Volm Companies Center of Excellence for Material Handling and Robotic Palletizing in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada.

As part of the evolution of this relationship, both companies will be adding significant sales, engineering, technical service and manufacturing resources, including manufacturing select Wyma products in North America for North America.

With Volm having represented Wyma Solutions in the fresh potato market space successfully for over a decade, this looks to be a seamless match.

Congratulations to both on this newest step in their partnership.

Volm Companies Wyma Solutions