WholesaleWare's Bryan Barsness Discusses Solution Benefits and Company Initiatives

Fri. September 1st, 2023 - by ANUK Staff

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - With a continuously growing presence in the produce industry, GrubMarket is continuing to help its partners achieve advancement through its innovative ERP software. Our most recent video with the company dug into all this service has to offer.

Bryan Barsness, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, GrubMarket and WholesaleWare“We have [a] new different ERP called WholesaleWare, a technology company that’s actually built by the industry,” shares Bryan Barsness, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for GrubMarket and WholesaleWare. “We have lots of experience in the industry, and we’re able to take the knowledge base that we have from our own companies to be able to translate that into our technology.”

Bryan shares that, with labor continuing to be a pressure in our industry, having access to innovative software that is intuitive can bring big benefits to produce businesses. And more advantages are to come as the company has some new apps on the way.

GrubMarket recently dove into the many advantages provided by its innovative ERP WholesaleWare

GrubMarket is also setting its focus on sustainability and organic offerings, Bryan shares.

“We just launched our California sustainability initiative,” he says. “We’re sponsoring several local growers here in California for their organic certification, and we’re planting thousands and thousands of trees here in California as a part of that sustainability initiative.”

More details await you in our exclusive video above!