Wish Farms’ Nick Wishnatzki Highlights SEEAG’s Santa Barbara County Farm Day

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Tue. September 19th, 2023 - by Lilian Diep

PLANT CITY, FL - Growing up, I thought everybody had a farm in their backyards. Or at least, everybody had grandparents that grew fruits and vegetables, so many that you’ll give literal bags away to anybody willing to take them. It wasn’t until much later in life that the nutritious products and the experience I took for granted weren’t available to everybody. But that child-like wonder is a precious time, and Students for Eco-Education & Agriculture’s (SEEAG) Farm Day celebrations are just the venues our industry stands on to meet those young consumers.

Nick Wishnatzki, PR Manager, Wish Farms“Wish Farms is a proud sponsor of SEEAG’s Santa Barbara County (SBC) Farm Day. It is imperative that we educate the public, especially children, about the importance of agriculture,” echoes Nick Wishnatzki, PR Manager for Wish Farms. “It isn’t just enough to teach in a classroom, the Farm Day goes that extra mile, by making a lasting impact. Kids have the opportunity to see, hear, smell, and touch all aspects of the farm.”

Every farm faces its own challenges, and the fifth annual SBC Farm Day, held on September 23, is the perfect opportunity to educate the community. SEEAG’s Farm Day can help bridge the gap between the public and local agriculture growers, ranchers, and organizations that work along the supply chain, all while providing behind-the-scenes tours, trailer rides, tastings, giveaways, and activities.

As a proud sponsor of Students for Eco-Education & Agriculture’s Santa Barbara County Farm Day, Wish Farms is helping educate young consumers on how fresh produce is grown

“By learning to appreciate what it takes to grow the food that we eat every day and meet the hardworking people behind it, our industry benefits,” continues Nick. “At best, we inspire a young person to pursue a fulfilling career in farming. At the very least, we have educated and informed a future consumer.”

Farm Day is a self-guided tour, granting attendees the freedom to explore numerous participating locations at their leisure. More than 10 Santa Barbara County farms, ranches, and ag organizations will open their doors to their community to educate visitors on what really goes into growing their food.

“The agriculture industry always faces challenges—whether it is Mother Nature, labor shortages, or cost increases,” explains Nick. “The more advocates we have at all levels of our society, the better we all do as a nation. We all have to eat, so having a sustainable and thriving domestic agriculture industry is very much a national security issue and one we should all care about.”

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