Yerecic Label Releases Virtual Tour Video

Mon. October 6th, 2014 - by Jordan Okumura

NEW KENSINGTON, PA – Yerecic Label is making life simpler for its partners again with a new virtual tour video on its website. Only four minutes long, the tour captures the company's expertise and passion for the industry.

Art Yerecic, President Yerecic Label“The produce industry knows the Yerecic Label name through our consumer research, presence at tradeshows and participation within the industry,” said President Art Yerecic. “But our customers and others in produce rarely get to see what happens to build the labels that help sell fruits and vegetables.”

This newly released virtual tour is Yerecic's way of solving this problem.

Rich Thoma, Yerecic Label VP of Sales and Marketing“History has shown us that when visitors tour the Yerecic Label facility, they leave with a real appreciation for our people, automation and lean manufacturing,” Rich Thoma, VP of Sales and Marketing, further explained. “The cleanliness and efficiency of our facility, as well as passion and talent of our associates, helps to take their trust in our products to a new level.”

Check out the video for yourself below:

Through this innovation, Yerecic Label is putting its commitment to quality, food safety and lead times on display for the rest of the industry. It allows Yerecic's partners in the business to get to know the Yerecic process, team and facility without having to leave the comfort of their computer.

I'd certainly recommend Yerecic's video to anyone closely connected to the produce industry. It provides insights into a part of the production process that all too often can be taken for granted or forgotten. 

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