Zespri™ and Bower Partner for Trial; Suwar Mert Comments

Wed. August 10th, 2022 - by Lilian Diep

LOS ANGELES, CA - Rewards for recycling? Sign me up! Not only can United States consumers protect the health of the planet, but they can earn rewards through Stockholm-based recycling start-up Bower. The organization has teamed up with Zespri™ to reward consumers who recycle its packaging by gaining points on the Bower App.

Suwar Mert, Chief Executive Officer, Bower“Through this initiative, Zespri is setting a precedent for how companies should consider their environmental impact,” said Bower Chief Executive Officer Suwar Mert. “Consumers increasingly want to see brands focusing on the afterlife of their packaging, and Zespri is doing exactly that. People all over the U.S. will now be given the opportunity to gain rewards by recycling*, and it’s this kind of environmental incentivisation that will allow the everyday shopper to help make the planet a better place.”

Through the Bower app, consumers can scan the barcode of any Zespri product packaging* and deposit it at a recycling point, being credited $1.50. According to a press release, they will then be able to withdraw this money to a bank account or donate it to charity.**

This initiative is part of Zespri’s broader focus on embracing more sustainable practices by addressing the environmental impact of packaging. The two-month trial kicked off this summer, and the teams are now currently analyzing data and considering next steps.

Stockholm-based recycling start-up Bower has teamed up with Zespri™ to reward consumers who recycle its packaging by gaining points on the Bower App

Bower works with major organizations such as Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, and P&G. Its app is free to download and available across the U.S.

*Packaging is recyclable only in the few communities that have appropriate recycling facilities. The Bower app currently identifies bins in certain areas of Los Angeles, California, only. You may register your home recycling bin with Bower.

**The $1.50 reward for recycling Zespri packaging is only available for users in the U.S. from July–August 2022.

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