Zespri Expands Expanded Distribution of SunGold, Green and Organic Kiwifruit Varietals

Wed. May 25th, 2016 - by Jordan Okumura-Wright

ORANGE COUNTY, CA - Zespri is ramping up in 2016 with expanded kiwifruit distribution of its SunGold, Green, and Organic varietals across North America. The company is growing even beyond that with the addition of a North American office in Orange County, California, and hiring more staff within the region to support customers and distributors as Zespri evolves.

Glen Arrowsmith, Market Manager North America, Zespri KiwifruitMarket Manager North America, Glen Arrowsmith, ‎notes that the first shipments of Zespri Kiwifruit hit shores in mid-May and should be in U.S. and Canadian stores by June 1.

“U.S. demand for Zespri Green Kiwifruit also continues to climb as consumers discover the delicious and vastly superior eating experience of Zespri Kiwifruit,” said Arrowsmith. “Zespri shows steady growth in both Organic Green and Organic SunGold varietals as well.”

Zespri SunGold

A natural cross between gold varieties of kiwifruit, Zespri SunGold popularity is growing fast, according to a press release, with sales expanding in the U.S. and Canada. This variety is also sweeter than a green kiwifruit, the company notes, and tastes like a cross between a mango and a strawberry. The skin is smooth and hairless and offers a juicy, yellow flesh. One serving has three times more vitamin C than an orange and provides as much potassium as a banana, according to USDA data.

Zespri’s comprehensive quality system is used in every stage of the production process and is the basis for all Zespri kiwifruit growers. 


“We are committed to the North America market as we see a real opportunity for the kiwifruit category to grow as consumers experience premium quality Zespri fruit,” Arrowsmith stated. “We’re elevating our unrelenting focus on superior taste and eating experience with a robust, innovative marketing plan and re-brand strategy to reach consumers.”

Zespri conducted research in the U.S. around the development of consistent packaging across all platforms, to support the expanded distribution and re-brand. Highlights of the research favored the product image as the main focus and the taste profile message, along with “Cut, Scoop & Enjoy,” usage tips to help remind consumers that kiwifruit is an easy-to-eat and a great snack. New packaging will roll out through the upcoming season. Full coverage is planned for the 2017 season. 

Zespri’s integrated PR and marketing campaign will also launch across TV, print and digital media. In addition, the company is planning sampling activities that will allow consumers to “Taste the Difference” for themselves and help educate consumers. Keep a look out for user-generated videos that will be released on Zespri’s YouTube channel, in order to further spread the word.