Sean Nelsen Discusses Fowler Packing's California Table Grape Program and New Point-of-Purchase Offerings

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Wed. May 27th, 2020
- by Jordan Okumura     

FRESNO, CA - The California table grape season is on the horizon, and can’t you just taste it? Well, I can. And I bet that goes for consumers as well. As the spring leans toward summer, companies across the Golden State are generating excitement for the season kick-off and the premium opportunities that the category presents. Fowler Packing is endeavoring to deliver on the promise of a strong table grape program this July, with exciting new developments to offer.

Sean Nelsen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Fowler Packing“California summer table grapes are an extremely important category for retailers to drive sales. Having the right grape partner is key to a successful summer. Fowler Packing’s Samson’s program offers a high-quality grape for every customer along with a seamless approach with our retailer partners,” Sean Nelsen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing shares with me as he looks to the highly anticipated months ahead. “We offer the complete package: conventional, organic, and specialty packs all season long. Our meticulous farming and operational practices, strategic sales team, and innovative marketing approach bring a fresh vision to the category that delivers results.”

Currently, Fowler Packing’s farming team is performing its annual cultural practices to prepare for the July season start and will launch with Flames and Ivories in both conventional and organic.

Fowler Packing is endeavoring to deliver on the promise of a strong table grape program this July for its conventional, organic, and specialty packs

Fowler Packing is making the 2020 California table grape season extra opportunistic for retailers this year, with the launch of a full point-of-purchase (POP) kit for Samsons, which includes secondary displays, front lobby displays, shelf tags, and posters. The POP merchandising kits are designed to drive consumer awareness around organics, specialty varieties, and seasonal favorites.

“We have also built a digital image library for our partners to use on their website and e-commerce platforms that support the increased demand from online ordering,” Sean tells me, adding that retailers can get the conversations started now to fine-tune a strategy for the season. “Our sales and marketing team is working with our retail partners in building strong summer grape category plans.”

Fruitful opportunities await the retail produce shop this summer with Fowler Packing adding value to the California table grape game. Keep checking back with AndNowUKnow as we ramp up for the season ahead and the heightened demand that follows the category.

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