Allen Lund Company Donates $16,000 to the Independence Fund

Fri. June 3rd, 2016
- by Laura Hillen     

LA CAÑADA FLINTRIDGE, CA – In another move celebrating the company’s 40th year of business, The Allen Lund Company (ALC) has announced a donation of $16,000 to the Independence Fund to support a disabled veteran in need.

Allen Lund, President and CEO, Allen Lund Company

"I am extremely proud of the 215 employees who have chosen to improve their health and welfare in honor of America's finest: our veterans who keep us free," stated Allen Lund, CEO and President. "In my mind it is a win win for our employees and a wounded veteran. It enables our employees and a veteran to have a better life. Without the hard work of our employees nationwide this would not be possible."

From left to right: ALC CEO Allen Lund, Independence Fund Board Member David Henninger, ALC Human Resources Director Pam Stumbaugh

Achieving its company-wide goal to walk 40,000 miles by Memorial Day, ALC stated in a press release that this donation is part of the company's pledged commitment to complete 40 Acts of Kindness, in line with the company’s momentous milestone this year.

Pam Stumbaugh, Human Resources Director, Allen Lund Company"We challenged our employees to collectively walk 40,000 miles from April 1st through Memorial Day. While we all can enjoy the benefit of being able to walk, run, and jog, our mission is to help a veteran who no longer shares that luxury," added Pam Stumbaugh, HR Director. "When we reach our goal we will be providing a disabled veteran the ability to get up and go anywhere outside! Partnering with The Independence Fund, supporting their mobility program we will donate $16,000 that will provide a track chair and trailer to a disabled veteran."

As the company stays right on track to complete its 40 Acts of Kindness by the end of the year, continue checking back with AndNowUKnow for the latest in industry donations and community commitments.

Allen Lund Company