Angela Hernandez and Jackie Nakashian of Trinity Fruit Company Discuss Mandarin and Squeezed Juice Offerings

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Fri. February 10th, 2023 - by Peggy Packer

FRESNO, CA - You’ve probably heard the phrase “seeing green,” or even “seeing red”—but what about seeing orange? The produce department has transformed into a sea of orange and red as Trinity Fruit Company wows consumers with its creative branding, high-quality mandarins, and innovative Squeezed Juice line.

As the supplier reports, mandarin quality is looking excellent, and volume is up from last year, aligning with the strong demand in the market.

Angela Hernandez, Director of Marketing, Trinity Fruit Company“I’ve always been a firm believer that creating a fun shopping experience is a win for the retailer, grower, and consumer as it creates incremental sales and brings enticement to the shopper,” shares Angela Hernandez, Director of Marketing. “Point-of-sale merchandising is also a fun way to create education for the consumer in the produce department, such as vitamin intake, usage, what variety specifics are on hand, etc. These are all great ways to inspire shoppers to not only purchase, but gain knowledge about the products.”

Another opportunity for retailers to capture consumers’ attention in the produce section comes in the form of the supplier’s Squeezed Juice line.

Trinity Fruit Company is transforming produce departments into a sea of orange and red with excellent mandarins and an innovative Squeezed Juice line

“Squeezed Juice complements the produce department by bringing another option for shoppers to experience fresh fruit,” Angela adds. “It also gives consumers the true essence of the fruit and what fresh-squeezed juice tastes like.”

Trinity Fruit’s mandarin and pomegranate juices are not from concentrate, presenting shoppers with 100 percent juice, with no water or other additives. These flavorful, fresh juices were developed by variety specifics with the intention of creating a taste that was not yet developed in the juice space.

Trinity Fruit Company's mandarin quality is looking excellent, and volume is up from last year, aligning with the strong demand in the market

“Cross-aisle products are something that we have really been pushing since the start of this year by bringing emphasis to our zero waste initiative,” Angela explains. “Being innovative and creating new products outside of the traditional fresh fruit world allows us to use products from the whole tree, leaving no fruit behind.”

Jackie Nakashian, Brand Manager, expanded on these benefits.

Jackie Nakashian, Brand Manager, Trinity Fruit Company“With Squeezed Juice in the produce department, retailers are allowing their consumers to purchase and utilize fresh fruit in a different form than whole fruit. Our juice gives consumers a convenient grab-and-go or multi-serve option for their daily fruit intake,” notes Jackie. “We are very proud of our product and its packaging. Not only is it one of the healthiest juices on the shelf, but our modern and clean design really stands out and grabs the consumer's attention.”

A fresh-forward offering that delivers on flavor, quality, and sustainability? What more could you wish for?

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