Asociación Mexicana de Horticultura Protegida AC Begins Three-Day Event

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Tue. August 21st, 2018 - by Lillie Apostolos

CANCUN, MEXICO - Our industry is one of progress and evolution. To examine the horticultural side of business, Asociación Mexicana de Horticultura Protegida AC. (AMHPAC) is offering insight into the ups, downs, and turnarounds on an international scale, providing opportunities to network with movers sand shakers. The three-day event is packed with excitement, including a trade show, sessions to discuss challenges with specialists in the field, and meetings with banks and insurance agencies to get conversations in the works.

Alfredo Diaz Belmontes, CEO, AMHPAC“At this year’s AMHPAC summit, we will analyze the current situation of the horticultural industry, as well as the risk and opportunities we have as a guild. We will also examine the international business environment to strengthen the relationships among participating decision makers,” Alfredo Diaz Belmontes, CEO for the organization, shares with me.

Of the event, Alfredo tells me the following activities are set to wow the masses:

  • Welcome Cocktail (Holland Party)
  • 5k and flags race
  • Networking Dinner (White Party)
  • Farewell Party at Mandala Beach Club

The three-day event will include a trade show, discussions, and more

“We will focus on opportunities to learn, do business, refresh and consolidate relations, and gain expertise about the tools for the correct development of the companies who take part in this event,” Alfredo tells me. “We expect over 400 attendees, most of them growers from all around Mexico, as well as domestic and foreign leaders of the horticultural industry, growers, supply chain representatives, decision makers. It’s going to be an exceptional crowd!”

As participants say goodbye to the event, they are sure to walk away enlightened to the possibilities within our industry and the growth that is yet to be. To that end, I am excited to see what comes to fruition as a result.