Bamford Produce and Freshline Foods Choose Produce Pro Software

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Mon. January 7th, 2019 - by Jessica Donnel

WOODRIDGE, IL - A new age of technology is on the horizon for Bamford Produce and Freshline Foods as it partners with Produce Pro Software to get its system out of the stone age.

Selecting a new ERP software system is quite the choice, so Bamford and Freshline evaluated many different software providers before deeming Produce Pro the cream of the crop.

Ben Lecavalier, President, Bamford Produce“We heard about Produce Pro from several of our partners both in Canada and the United States, and everyone using the system was happy,” explained Ben Lecavalier, President of Bamford Produce, in a recent press release. “The information is quite accurate, and we see a huge value in this. Adoption throughout our companies has been strong as more of our staff is now actively using the system. When the information is more accurate and results can be seen, people tend to trust it more.”

Noel Brigido, VP, Freshline FoodsFreshline Foods also weighed in on the decision to ‘go pro.' Noel Brigido, VP of Freshline Foods claimed, “What sets Produce Pro apart from other software systems is they develop an all-in-one solution that is tailored to the produce industry. It is designed by individuals who have worked in the industry, and the software is built with operations in mind. Their system contained all the necessary modules [including processing] so we could operate other aspects of our business without the need of using multiple third parties.”

A new age of technology is on the horizon for Bamford Produce and Freshline Foods as it partners with Produce Pro Software to get its system out of the stone age

The Freshline team described the system as being easy to use while still maintaining the speed and accuracy the company expects.

“We now have better visibility into our true operating costs because of this,” stated Brigado.“They were impressive; being proactive, informative and even taught us best practices.”

Len Moskowitz, Implementation Manager at Produce Pro Software, explained the practices that help new customers, like Freshline, to best utilize the new systems.

Len Moskowitz, Implementation Manager, Produce Pro Software“Throughout the implementation process, our team assisted in enhancing inventory tracking processes to allow for full visibility and tracking amongst their different companies,” said Moskowitz. “We tailored our efforts based on their needs to ensure successful transition and adoption.”

Both Bamford Produce and Freshline Foods also have plans to implement Produce Pro’s Warehouse Management System, Food Safety App, QC App, and Driver Solution in the upcoming months.

“Switching to Produce Pro Software has been a breath of fresh air,” concluded Lecavalier. “We look forward to continuing the optimization of our operation with these future enhancements.”

AndNowUKnow congratulated Produce Pro on its new partnerships and its continual provision of quality software solutions for our industry.

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