Bard Valley Natural Delights® Launches New Website

Wed. March 31st, 2021 - by Anne Allen

YUMA, AZ - As an entry point for consumers and buyers alike, a website is a handy tool to have in your back pocket. Luckily for Bard Valley Natural Delights®, the company recently launched its newly designed website to better communicate its products and message to a more diverse demographic.

David Baxter, Director of Marketing, Bard Valley Natural Delights®“As the largest provider of Medjool dates in the country, we want to be the best resource for people when learning about growing practices, product usage, and how to find Natural Delights,” said David Baxter, Director of Marketing. “Our website refresh gives us the opportunity to use insights that will not only help us deliver better content, but also work more closely with retail partners to ensure that shoppers are able to find the products they want at their local stores.”

According to a press release, the updated website now focuses on grower stories, the health benefits of Medjool dates, and product usage for every lifestyle. Not only does the website look new, it boasts of effective analytics tools to understand who is visiting the site and what is drawing them in. The insights from these robust analytics will allow the brand to optimize content, targeting, and communication for the most effective marketing across all platforms.

Bard Valley Natural Delights recently launched its newly designed website to better communicate its products and message to a more diverse demographic

Additionally, an updated store locator helps shoppers find products at retail locations—a tool that will further help Natural Delights drive shoppers to retail.

“We want people to see themselves in the stories that are shared on our new website,” added Baxter. “We want the young mom to feel empowered, the athlete to feel confident, and the college student to feel connected when they reach for our products, and this website is an extension of that vision.”

The new website features an updated store locator that helps shoppers find products at retail locations, as well as a new blog

The company’s new Sweet Sunshine blog will also act as a resource to deliver relevant and helpful content to readers. Natural Delights will make these posts accessible through an e-newsletter as well, allowing for even more brand penetration.

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