Bee Sweet’s Heirloom Navels Celebrate CA’s Century-Long Success in Citrus

Fri. May 3rd, 2019
- by Alexis Schreiber     

FOWLER, CA - Bee Sweet Citrus announced some sweet news that has consumers buzzin'! Now through the end of California's citrus domestic season, consumers can expect Heirloom navels to be available. Grown under the close watch of Bee Sweet's growers, the company assures that this variety is a seasonal favorite. 

Keith Watkins, Vice President of Farming, Bee Sweet Citrus"Heirloom Navels definitely set the bar for delicious citrus varieties," said Keith Watkins, Vice President of Farming. "Less acidic than other navel varieties, they are revered for their tasty flavor and exceptional nutritional benefits."

Now through the end of California's citrus domestic season, consumers can expect Heirloom navels A subset variety of a Washington navel, Bee Sweet’s Heirloom navels are harvested on older blocks of well-aged trees, according to the company’s press release. They are grown the same way that Washington navels were grown over a century ago and possess a sweet flavor that “complements numerous seasonal meals.”

Joe Berberian, Sales Manager, Bee Sweet Citrus"Heirloom navels are never compromised by acidity and are a seasonal favorite amongst many of our consumers," stated Joe Berberian, Sales Manager. "The work of our farm and production teams, coupled with the technology of our Brix machines, guarantee that our consumers will receive exceptional Heirlooms every time they turn to our brand."

Bee Sweet's Heirloom navels stand out in its black carton box and matching three- and four-pound bags available in attention-grabbing packaging. Consumers are encouraged to try them while they're still in season and the variety is expected to be available through June.

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