Behind-the-Scenes of ANUK's 2016 Holiday Card with 3D GIF Technology

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Fri. December 23rd, 2016 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

SACRAMENTO, CA - What is a Cinema 4D (C4D) three-dimensional GIF? ANUK’s 2016 Holiday Greeting Card.

Robert Lambert, CEO, AndNowUKnow

“We haven’t seen another produce company do anything like this,” said CEO Robert Lambert. “What you are seeing is a three-dimensional GIF that enhances and brings the image to life.”

When talking with our Senior Designers, Shane Von Knuth and Kyle Frantz, Kyle explains that the image is created using Cinema 4D (C4D)–a program used to help make and animate the 3D assets.

Kyle Frantz, Lead Designer at AndNowUKnowHe also explains to me that the faceted look I’m seeing when looking at the card, giving it depth and detail, is “low-poly” and uses forced perspective to achieve an intentionally-flawed sense of depth.

Shane Knuth, Lead Designer at AndNowUKnow

“We wanted our card to be fun and striking, so we went with a low-poly 3D aesthetic,” Shane shared. “We set it up like a Christmas diorama with a happy snowman, and even snuck our office into the scene.”

The team also ensured that when exporting the gif, the format was light enough to reach everyone in the industry with little-to-no email complications.

Perspective view showing false depth

With this new approach, we hope to help inspire a new way to market in the industry.

What else can we do with this latest cutting-edge design approach? Stay tuned to find out, and from all of us at AndNowUKnow, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

ANUK 2016 Holiday Card