Berry Fresh Brings Sweet Karoline® Blackberries to Market; Carlos Correa and Jyoti Bhogal Comment

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Fri. March 18th, 2022 - by Anne Allen

LOS ANGELES, CA - I adore a good blackberry, and so do consumers flocking to the berry case at retail. Berry Fresh’s limited-edition Sweet Karoline® blackberries put a shiny stamp on the category, dazzling all who dare to take a bite.

Carlos Correa, Chief Executive Officer, Berry Fresh“Our commitment to finding the best varietal genetics has led to a blackberry that’s juicy and absolutely unforgettable,” stated Carlos Correa, Chief Executive Officer. “As part of the Agroberries group, we’re deeply committed to investing in proprietary varieties that improve the eating experience and delight our consumers. We believe the blackberry category has tremendous untapped growth potential. Sweet Karoline blackberries are giving people an indulgent new way to experience this commodity, which generates increased consumer demand.”

The Sweet Karoline blackberry, a press release explained, is a proprietary variety that was developed in the breeding program on blackberry farms at Expoberries Mexico, which is owned in partnership by Berry Fresh.

Berry Fresh is bringing its proprietary, limited-edition Sweet Karoline® blackberries to market to capitalize on untapped potential in the category

These blackberries, known for their sweet flavor and quality characteristics, have an outstanding shelf-life and high brix.

Jyoti Bhogal, Vice President of Sales, Berry Fresh“Sweet Karoline blackberries continue to delight consumers and change their expectations of the blackberry flavor profile,” remarked Jyoti Bhogal, Vice President of Sales. “After several years in the market, we are pleased with the overwhelmingly positive feedback on this proprietary variety. We believe Sweet Karoline is the best blackberry eating experience in the market today."

Responding to the demand, Agroberries—another grower partner of Berry Fresh—is investing in additional plantings of Sweet Karoline. These new plantings will be spread across several regions of Mexico.

The peak season is now through April, so retailers, act fast!

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