Braga Fresh Launches Refreshed Websites; Kori Tuggle and Mary Poma Comment

Wed. January 26th, 2022 - by Lilian Diep

SOLEDAD, CA - Nowadays, having an online presence is key to being in touch with both consumers and buyers. Braga Fresh is keeping up its appearances across the board as it announced it rebuilt both its websites, and, to create a better experience for all users.

Kori Tuggle, Vice President of Marketing and Product Development, Braga Fresh“It was a rare opportunity to tackle rebuilding two separate websites, simultaneously,” Kori Tuggle, Vice President of Marketing and Product Development, commented on the platform makeovers. “Mary and the talented web designers worked hard to bring them to life at the same time.”

Technology continues to develop at a fast pace, and keeping up with evolving demands is necessary to stay in front of shoppers. The two sites, both launched the week of January 21, are user-friendly and easy to navigate for viewers looking for relevant information.

Mary Poma, Director of Marketing, Braga Fresh“Our investment into both websites supports the technology that is constantly evolving, and we are committed to providing a great experience for trade and consumer visitors for desktops and mobile,” said Mary Poma, Director of Marketing and the project’s Lead. “This will be possible with a modernized back end as well.”

According to the release, the streamlined design elements for both websites include parallax animation, GIF illustrations for a creative scrolling experience, a video library, and a product store locator.

“ was rebuilt with the trade audience in mind. We wanted to give our retail partners a go-to source of content and product details related to the entire Braga Fresh offering as well as share the Braga family story,” Poma said. “We emphasized the content around three key areas of sustainability, organic farming, and food safety and will continue to expand each of them.”

As technology continues to develop, Braga Fresh has rebuilt its and websites for make them more user-friendly and easy to navigate for viewers looking for relevant information

The same concept and intention were also brought forth for the Josie’s Organics site, as Poma pointed out that shoppers eager for inspiration and information will find all that and more at their fingertips.

“Our consumer website,, now gives Josie’s fans what they are looking for: Relevant content, details to salad ingredients, and information about the recyclability of our packaging,” Poma explained. “There is also influencer content sprinkled throughout the site to encourage creative ways to eat Josie’s Organics veggies, salad kits, and leafy greens.”

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