The California Avocado Commission Goes Global With Its New Menu Ideas

Thu. March 12th, 2015
- by Jessica Donnel     

IRVINE, CA - The California Avocado Commission wants to take you on a trip. The only requirement? Eat avocados!

Based on its annual What’s Hot Culinary Forecast, the National Restaurant Association composed its 2015 Menu Trends to Watch. “Going More Global” was the trend that caught the attention of the California Avocado Commission. As ethnic cuisines gain more mainstream popularity, operators are fusing seasonal and ethnic ingredients into regional dishes.

California Avocado Bruschetta with Chile Jam

Recipes featured on the website include: California Avocado Bruschetta with Chile Jam, Crab & California Avocado Quesadilla, and Plantain-California Avocado Rolls with Garden Cabbage Salad. In each dish, the goal is to have California Avocados take the diners to a new culinary destination

Crab & California Avocado Quesadilla

Customers familiar with Fresh California Avocados in Latin dishes are now finding them in Caribbean and other tropical cuisines, according to a press release. As culinary borders blur, the trend is to make broader use of the flavor and versatility of avocados.

Plantain-California Avocado Rolls with Garden Cabbage Salad

Take a global spin with Fresh California Avocado menu ideas by visiting

California Avocado Commission