Chelan Fresh's Mac Riggan Discusses Demand for Rockit Apples

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Thu. January 19th, 2017 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

CHELAN, WA - Chelan Fresh is looking to make a big statement with a petite apple. The grower cooperative has teamed up with Borton Fruit to bring the Rockit apple, known for its small size and tasty crunch, to American soil in volumes.

Mac Riggan, Marketing Director, Chelan Fresh

“This is one little apple that I can see turning the apple category upside down,” Mac Riggan, Chelan’s Director of Marketing, shares with me. “People become so excited about the consistency of the eating experience once they try it, it will be a regular item on their shopping list.”

As trends continue to shift towards “the more convenient, the better,” the Rockit comes to parents’ aid in a sleek, portable container that provides good real estate for retailers.

Chelan Fresh Rockit Apples

“A tube of apples equates to the water bottle in convenience,” Mac shares, painting for me the imagery of just how simple the water bottle has made staying hydrated. Likewise, the tube of Rockits make it cool and compact for anyone on-the-go. “This tube utilizes a simple but effective way to get Rockit in key display areas for both conventional and convenient stores.”

Chelan Fresh Rockit Apples

Born from a cross between a royal gala and gala splendour cross, this all-natural apple has an appealing red blush and creates a memorable snacking experience.

“People see apples as the answer to a candy bar, and this takes that one step further,” Mac says. “Rockits are small and easy for kids, work well for adults who might be looking to monitor their sugar intake, and they have a strong shelf-life.”

Chelan Fresh Rockit Apples

He adds that this product can help retailers in their vision of becoming a solution provider for moms. The only downside? The Rockit is still new to Washington soil and cannot grow as quickly as the demand for the product.

“The only downside is that amount is still limited,” Mac shares, explaining that the last crop came in with outstanding quality. “Come March, we will be able to integrate the New Zealand Rockit program, so stay tuned.” 

Chelan Fresh