CMI's HERO Two Pound Apple Pouch Bags are Ready for Back to School

Tue. September 8th, 2015 - by Jessica Donnel

WENATCHEE, WA - Back to school snacking items are more popular than ever. That’s why CMI has introduced its HERO™ snack-sized apple program for school lunches. With HERO™ 2 lb apple pouch bags showcasing smaller fruit, CMI’s latest item may just energize fall retail programs. 

And to test these kid-friendly packaging, CMI went directly to the target audience: Fourth graders.

Katharine Grove, Marketing Specialist

“We actually went to classrooms and worked with elementary school children, teachers and parents,” said Katharine Grove, Marketing Specialist at CMI. “The goal was to create a brand specifically for kids that parents could feel good about as well. We know that parents and kids have different purchasing cues when it comes to buying fruit so it was important for us to understand how to motivate kids and apply those insights to our final packaging.”

CMI's HERO Apples

CMI used this collaboration with kids to develop a HERO™ character for inclusion in the pouch bag art as well. The result is packaging that features bright colors, a heroic cartoon character and key words that trigger responses from kids like “Yum,” “Sweet,” “Juicy” and “Tart.” Messaging on the bags focuses on healthy eating with the empowering slogan, “The power to be a HERO™ is in your hands,” according to a press release.

Grove added that the smaller size profile of the crop in Washington this year will create more opportunities for retailers to promote small apples. “This is the year for retailers to jump on these programs. We have more small fruit and we’ve got the marketing vehicles like HERO™ to drive sales.”

“Per Nielsen FreshFacts, over the last 52 weeks 2 lb pouch bags had the highest volume growth rate of any package in the apple category,” Grove said.

If you’re looking to energize your apple category for back to school promotions, the time is now!