CMI's Kanzi® Apples Go Into Peak Sales Months for Retail

Mon. February 22nd, 2016 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

WENATCHEE, WA - The peak weeks for Kanzi® apple sales for retailers is upon us. Nielsen supermarket data shows that March 2015 saw that Kanzi® apples were added to over 2,500 retailers across the nation, and CMI anticipates this year will also be a success.

Steve Lutz, Vice President of Marketing, CMI“The sales data really underscores that there is a tremendous opportunity in March, April, and May to maximize sales with apples like Kanzi®,” Steve Lutz, Vice President of Marketing for CMI, said in a press release, citing the Nielsen data’s report of peak sales for the brand in those months. “Retailers are adjusting allocations and promotions to include this unique variety, invigorating their apple category.”

In fact, the company stated, over 2,400 of those U.S. retailers continued to carry Kanzi® into April last year.

CMI Kanzi Apples

Robb Myers, Vice President of Sales and Imports for CMI, describes Kanzi® with a flavor and texture that is driving its success on the shelves.

Robb Myers, Vice President of Sales and Imports, CMI“When we get to spring, consumers tell us they are looking for fresh, intense flavors,” Myers explained, according to the release. “Kanzi® has the most intense flavor of any apple. It’s absolutely remarkable.”

Lutz added that pricing factors also help to push larger transaction for retailers, saying that because Kanzi® sells at a premium for the category, consumers are typically spending more.

CMI Kanzi Apples

“We’re seeing that wonderful new branded apples like Kanzi® really bring the excitement of seasonality back to the apple category,” Lutz added. “At a time of year when the category is beginning to slow and consumers have seen the same products for several months, new items like Kanzi® give apple lovers a reason to continue shopping the category.”

CMI Kanzi Apples

Myers said that the company expects to be able to extend the branded apple’s season through the summer months, anticipating an increase in imports from both New Zealand and Chile in mid-May.

CMI Kanzi® Apple