Crown Jewels General Manager Jesus Gonzalez Discusses Growth and Holiday Demand

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Fri. December 2nd, 2016 - by Jordan Okumura-Wright

FRESNO, CA - With Christmas just around the corner, Crown Jewels is ramping up its Nogales program with a new produce category coming on line each week to respond to growing retail and consumer demand. The company’s Nogales season kicked off in early September and will run through the first week of July to bring consistent and quality product into produce departments in 2017.

General Manager Jesus Gonzalez joins me to discuss Crown Jewels’ produce offerings along with the addition of new items to its portfolio, and the passion of its ever-dedicated Nogales team.

Jesus Gonzalez, General Manager, Crown Jewels Produce“Currently we have all three summer squashes, our zucchini, yellow and grey, as well as our three hard squashes which offer acorn, butternut and spaghetti,” Jesus tells me. “Cucumbers, green bell peppers, and eggplant are also a few more of the items coming on and we have finished with cantaloupes and are winding down our seedless watermelons and honeydews for the fall.”

In addition to the company’s traditional Nogales lineup, Crown Jewels is also introducing green beans this year, with small acreage and the goal of increasing production next season. The company is also bringing back its elongated red bells after a two-year absence.

“We have already had great success with our green bean program this year,” Jesus shares, “and industry growth within the bell pepper category has allowed us to bring back the elongated reds. It is an exciting time.”

One of the many assets that keeps Crown Jewels at the top of its game is the company’s management team, sales team, and QC department, which constantly come together to create an efficient, innovative, and quality partner and fresh produce solution.

“The sales team is in constant contact with the growers which helps assist in the daily and weekly sales functions and flow,” Jesus says. “We also have three QC on the ground inspectors that assist in making sure that our produce is packed to Crown Jewels standards on a daily bases. They are constantly reporting to our sales team in Nogales. When product arrives here in Nogales we have three QC inspectors that inspect and give our sales team and growers reports upon arrival to ensure we are achieving all of our goals and hitting all of our targets.”

The Nogales port of entry has a unique and ideal location during the fall and winter months, Jesus adds, linking Crown Jewels and many other growers and shippers to the ideal growing conditions in Mexico due to the climate in the U.S.’s colder months.

With the holiday season increasing demand for Christmas and New Year favorites, stay tuned to AndNowUKnow for continued updates across Mexican produce offerings.

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