cycleWood Solutions Xylobags Offering New Environmentally Friendly Retail Solutions

Tue. August 19th, 2014 - by Kyle Braver

DALLAS, TX - cycleWood Solutions has an answer for retailers looking to meet increasing customer expectations for more environmentally friendly products with its new innovative line of Xylobags. Made from lignin, a byproduct of the manufacturing process in modern papermills, cycleWood has engineered this plastic bag alternative which while being comparable in strength to traditional plastics is also fully compostable.

“Xylobags are the perfect option for the environmentally conscious consumer who nonetheless doesn't want to give up the dependability and strength that traditional plastics have historically offered,” Vice President of Business Development, Louis Darrouzet told AndNowUKnow. “By making our product from lignin our manufacturing process does not require additional trees to be cut down. Our Xylobags are strong, do not dissolve in water, but are still fully compostable.”

Louis went on to explain that Xylobags are unique because they are the only plastic alternative currently on the market that are made from the byproduct of a current industrial process.

In addition thanks to a growing number of compost facilities and a vertically integrated supply chain, cycleWood Solutions is able to offer its next generation compostable products at the lowest price point on the market.

Louis tells me that so far the reception for his company's products have been outstanding.

“The city of Houston has just recently approved Xylobags for use in its municipal lawn and leaf collection program,” he explained. “Right now we are being setup as vendors for several major retailers in the Houston market. Our Xylobags should be on the shelves by late September or early October.

Xylobags will be available in three different formats. There are the 13 gallon kitchen bags, 33 gallon lawn and leaf bags, 45 gallon trash liners.

cycleWood Solutions Xylobags Offering New Environmentally Friendly Retail Solutions

Personally, having spoken at length with cycleWood about its business during the formation of this article, I'm excited about the potential for this product. Innovative products like the Xylobag are what make our industry great after all.

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