D’Arrigo New York Secures Besties Award for Best Social Media Campaign; Gabriela D'Arrigo Shares

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Wed. September 20th, 2023 - by Peggy Packer

NEW YORK - With last year’s introduction of our official Besties Awards, we aimed to bring industry members well-deserved recognition for their unbelievable achievements in the world of produce. Gold nuggets of inspiration, innovation, and incredible impact can be found in every corner of our industry. D’Arrigo New York’s social media strategies are a dynamic combination of all three—which is exactly why the wholesaler was honored with a Besties award for Best Social Media Campaign.

Gabriela D’Arrigo, Vice President of Communications and Marketing, D’Arrigo New York“For as long as I can remember, starting with my grandfather, D'Arrigo has always spoken internally about how important our employees are to this company,” shares Gabriela D’Arrigo, Vice President of Communications and Marketing, highlighting some of the company’s most valuable principles. “We cannot do what we do without them—we are not the same company without them, period. After hearing this for so many years, spotlighting our employees seemed like a no-brainer. The thought process behind it was that we wanted to start spotlighting the people that make us D’Arrigo New York.”

D’Arrigo New York caught our attention with a host of social media posts spotlighting its most integral associates. Not only does this unique social media play put a well-deserved spotlight on the people of D’Arrigo New York, but it also humanizes the company and gives the brand a more personal feel. In an industry focused on building relationships, the produce powerhouse set out to highlight the people behind those relationships.

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As Gabriela explains, sharing the success of its team on social media also achieved positive impacts on company pride and morale.

“Highlighting our employees on social media is a way to give them recognition. Recognizing someone for what they do and the role they play within an organization means a lot to people,” Gabriela notes. “By doing this on social media and other platforms, it allows an employee’s family, community, and co-workers to see the appreciation their company has for them.”

D’Arrigo New York continues to elevate its social media presence with a goal to educate its followers about the services it provides, the products it offers, and the company’s distribution reach. Such strategies have played into the impressive growth witnessed by the produce operation, especially as D’Arrigo New York recently celebrated its 75th anniversary this year.

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“Winning the Besties award for Best Social Media Campaign means a lot, especially being a wholesaler,” Gabriela concludes. “Marketing is often an after-thought within our segment, so it is a nice feather in our cap and shows us we are moving in the right direction and should keep going.”

Congratulations to D’Arrigo New York on this Besties win! We will continue to spotlight power players of the produce industry, so leave a tab open to ANUK.

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