Del Monte Fresh's Pure Earth Juices Get International Taste & Quality Institute's Superior Taste Award

Thu. June 4th, 2015
- by Melissa De Leon Chavez     

CORAL GABLES, FL - The International Taste and Quality Institute (iTQi) has awarded Del Monte Fresh Produce the Superior Taste Award for its Pure Earth™ juices. Their tropical flavor, bright visuals, and smooth texture ranked above 90 percent for most all of the blends on the iTQi’s sensory evaluation charts. 

Dennis Christou, Vice President of Marketing, Del Monte Fresh Produce“We are honored that our Pure Earth™ juices have been recognized with the Superior Taste Award,” said Dennis Christou, Vice President of Marketing for Del Monte Fresh Produce. “All of the Pure Earth Juice™ blends are 100 percent juice with absolutely no fillers, concentrates, or added sugars. They taste just like you just juiced them yourself.”

Del Monte describes Pure Earth™ juices as all 100 percent juice with zero fillers, additives, added sugar, preservatives, or concentrates. They can be used as both an ‘on-the-go’ drink or as an ingredient in smoothies and adult beverages for any active and health-minded individual. Pure Earth™ juices are available in the United States and Canada, and are offered in four flavors: 100% Pineapple, Pineapple Lime, Pineapple Banana Coconut and Pineapple Blueberry Blackberry, and come in 12, and 32 oz. bottles.

The Brussels-based iTQi gathers a jury of members from prestigious culinary institutions throughout Europe in order to test food and beverage products every year, and this year, 4 blends of Del Monte Pure Earth™ juice were tested along with other products from companies from around the world. During these tests, each product is subjected to an individual blind tasting and is evaluated and scrutinized in a sensory analysis report, for which criteria such as olfaction, vision, taste, after taste, texture, and more are all taken into account. According to a press release, iTQi does not organize a competition but rewards products on their own merits. Only products having received a mark superior to 70% will be granted a Superior Taste Award of one, two or three golden stars.

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