DelFrescoPure® Announces Expansion of Cogeneration Systems; Carl Mastronardi Comments

Fri. June 4th, 2021 - by Peggy Packer

ONTARIO, CANADA - DelFrescoPure® has made another move to bolster its operations and boost the sustainability of its facilities and growing practices. The supplier recently revealed it will be increasing its pre-existing Cogen system by 6.5 MW, for a total of 10+ MW across its facilities.

Carl Mastronardi, President, DelFrescoPure®“DelFrescoPure is excited to increase our Cogeneration Power units,” said President Carl Mastronardi. “We are very pleased to be working with Martin Energy again to install the new CHP technology and solutions they offer. The results from using the Cogeneration technology over the past three years have been great. We look forward to expanding the system so we can continue to provide fresh produce all year long.”

Cogeneration, or combined heat and power (CHP), is the onsite generation of electricity via the use of natural gas. According to a press release, the byproduct of CHP is heat that can be stored and used to create the desired microclimate within the greenhouse, in addition to CO2 that is used to fertilize the crops. DelFrescoPure’s CHP units will also produce the electricity required to power the grow lights and the mechanical load of the facility. The press release also noted that, while electricity generation alone is usually 40 percent efficient in converting fuel to power, adding heat recovery boosts that efficiency to 90 percent.

DelFrescoPure plans to use the electricity to power the lights at Via Verde Hydroponics, as these grow lights allow for an extended growing season, allowing some products to be available year-round. The heat harnessed through the process will also be recycled to meet all daily power needs, such as heating the greenhouses.

DelFrescoPure® recently revealed it will be increasing its pre-existing Cogen system by 6.5 MW, for a total of 10+ MW across its facilities

With the use of CHP, DelFrescoPure is able to produce electricity more cost-effectively without worrying about voltage fluctuation from the area maxing out the local grid, priming the company for its 25-acre expansion, which is currently underway.

In addition to the financial benefits, CHP power is significantly better for the environment, as this method ensures that fewer resources are used and wasted to create electricity, allowing the grower to take a sustainable approach to offering shoppers the freshest produce possible.

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