DeltaTrak® Debuts New Mini PDF In-Transit Logger

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Thu. March 24th, 2016 - by Jessica Donnel

PLEASANTON, CA - A new release from DeltaTrak® offers possible tracking solutions for import/export operations. Single-use and compact in size, DeltaTrak® says that its FlashLink Mini PDF In-Transit Logger was developed for streamlined ease of use.

Frederick Wu, President and CEO, DeltaTrak® “The FlashLink Mini PDF In-Transit Logger is ideal for import/export operations. Receivers don’t have to install software on their local PC and don’t need to purchase additional equipment for downloading,” said President and CEO Frederick Wu in a press release.

DeltaTrak® says that its newest product helps maintain compliance with global food-safety regulations, and provides verification that FSMA and HACCP requirements have been met.  

FlashLink Mini PDF In-Transit Logger

Each logging unit comes equipped with the following tech capacities:

  • Built-in USB connector
  • On-board software
  • Print capabilities
  • Easy-to-locate bright green shipping mount
  • Peel-away barcode label with attached logging serial number
  • 15 or 75-Day models available

DeltaTrak® added that its newest logging technology will help shippers deliver products on time and in good shape. “No matter what country they’re located in, a trip report is at their fingertips in a matter of seconds, ” added Wu.

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