Divine Flavor's Michael DuPuis Discusses What to Expect at Organic Produce Summit

Wed. September 1st, 2021 - by Anne Allen

NOGALES, AZ - Organic players from across the industry will soon be descending upon Monterey, California, to showcase the latest innovations in the sector. As we gear up for Organic Produce Summit, we’ve been speaking with a variety of companies ready to take the industry by storm. One such company is Divine Flavor, whose Michael DuPuis chatted with me about the upcoming event.

Michael DuPuis, Quality Assurance and Public Relations Coordinator, Divine Flavor“We have established ourselves as a unique organic supplier who specializes not only in organic specialty grapes, but also exclusive organic vegetables such as organic bell peppers, organic mini peppers, organic cucumbers, and one of our favorites—organic tomatoes,” the Quality Assurance and Public Relations Coordinator relays to me. “Being a strong believer of growing organically in a sustainable manner, we’re excited to be a part of this event so we can meet with current and prospective clients, all while being a strong supporter of OPS.”

Michael imparts that, for Divine Flavor, organics is much more than just a certification or label.

Divine Flavor has established itself as an organic supplier, offering not only organic specialty grapes, but also organic vegetables such as bell peppers, mini peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes

“It’s an important component to our company philosophy,” he adds. “Being an organic producer and a socially responsible company means giving back more to the environment than what you take away. At our vineyards and greenhouses, we produce our own compost and organic fertilizers for our soils to guarantee the source of the nutrients for organic production. We passionately promote organic systems, adding natural components such as compost tea—which is a beneficial bacteria crucial and healthy to organic production. By producing organically, we have been able to grow healthier plants which allow our products to reach their full potential in quality.”

Organic is a commitment to the future, and Divine Flavor works and operates with this competitive drive at the forefront of its operations.

Not only is Divine Flavor an organic producer, the grower is socially responsible, meaning its gives back more to the environment than what it takes away, using its own compost and organic fertilizers for its soils to guarantee the source of the nutrients for organic production

“To be successful for our customers, we have to be successful internally. Our commitment to organics has been crucial to this success. It has allowed our company to produce for many generations and develop healthy soils for our lands and environments which we grow in,” Michael tells me. “It’s very sustainable agriculture, not only by preserving the land, but also our workers. We have taken this philosophy to other regions in Mexico and in turn, we have been able to expand our opportunities to grow organic products for longer periods of time.”

This has led to Divine Flavor fulfilling its goal of being a year-round supplier of organic products.

“We’re a reliable source of organic specialty fruits and vegetables. It is important for our retailers to know they can rely on us when it comes to meeting their packing specifications and delivery times,” Michael comments.

This family-owned company has much to share at OPS, and you know you don’t want to miss out on this organic standout. Be sure to stop by booth 404 to see the team in action.

Divine Flavor