DMA Solutions' Beth Atkinson Wins ANUK's Brussels Sprouts Quiz Quix

Mon. November 28th, 2016 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

SACRAMENTO, CA - When it came to the full gamut of Brussels sprouts knowledge, the ANUK team wanted to know who would come out on top in the latest Quiz Quix.

Despite an exciting race, only one could claim first place. DMA Solutions Public Relations Manager, Beth Atkinson, claimed the $100 cash prize.

Beth Atkinson, Public Relations Manager, DMA Solutions

With a perfect five out of five score in just under nine seconds, Beth came through with an answer as fitting as her score when asked to comment on the win: “Every day I’m Brusselin’!”

While there could only be one winner, congratulations definitely go out not only to Beth, but to all who made top ten on our Quiz Quix leaderboard.

See if you, or someone you know, made it into the ranks below:

And, in the spirit of spreading produce knowledge as well as creating some fun, friendly competition within the industry, see if you were one of those that fell victim to our most missed question.

Most Missed Question:

Brussels Sprouts have been cultivated for at least...


2,500 years

If you missed the quiz, it's not too late to try your hand. Test your own Brussels sprouts skills by clicking the green button below (we already gave you the answer to the hardest question!) If you don’t like your score, simply erase your results and no one has to know, not even those of us at ANUK.

Know Your Brussels Sprouts

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