Domex Superfresh Grower's Dave Gleason Talks Snowy Winter Season and Upcoming Crops

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Thu. December 22nd, 2016 - by Laura Hillen

YAKIMA, WA - Oh, the holiday season. Bringing me treats, well-deserved time spent with family and friends, and the latest orchard update from one of my main men, Dave G.

Dave Gleason, Domex’s Chief Horticulturist, recently took some time to the frosty fields for the company’s latest update, and divulge what this snowy season means for the next season of premium apple offerings. So, with snow blanketing the orchards, what’s the prognosis?

Dave Gleason, Chief Horticulturist, Domex Superfresh Growers

“Still lots of work going on. We’re working through shaping the trees, looking at the limbs and the structure, and resetting things,” Dave says of the current cold weather and subsequent precipitation.

Settling into the thick of winter, Domex is busy at working prepping for the upcoming season. With a dusty coat of snowfall on its branches and roots, Domex uses this time of year to set them up for the best season possible.

Furthermore, this timing allows the company to sort through treebuds, allowing for a more bountiful harvest as the buds are separated and thinned. So far, Dave speculates, the next season is seeing great potential for its next harvest.

“Even though snow gets in your way a bit, at this time of year we’re excited to have it building up in the mountains and even dealing it with in the flats is okay,” Dave finishes, emphasizing that snow allows the irrigation system in the mountains to bolster for the upcoming season.

Want to see the snow covered orchards for yourself, and learn more about these cold season opportunities? Check out the video above.

Domex Superfresh Growers