Duda Farm Fresh Foods Invests in Research and Innovation

Mon. March 12th, 2018 - by Geneva Hutcheson

OVIEDO, FL - Duda Farm Fresh Foods announced that it is investing in research to add six more patents to its celery varietals and will welcome three new breeders for a total of five to support the success of the new varietals. These new patents will build off of the growers 183 years of research and 33 existing patents, all of which have and continue to contribute to enhancing the flavor and quality of celery grown in Duda’s fields as the company works to expand from the west coast to the east.

Dan Duda, President, Duda Farm Fresh Foods“We are completely devoted to providing products based on consumer preferences, so we see this advancement in research necessary to deliver on this promise,” said Dan Duda, President, in a recent press release. “Adding to our research program is something we are looking forward to and cannot wait to see what 2018 has in store.”

The company has undertaken the development and addition of these new patents with the aim of developing new celery varieties that are sweeter, crisper, and less stringy.

Duda's Belle Glade Farm in Florida

Larry Pierce, Senior Director Research and Development Plant Breeding, Duda Farm Fresh Foods“Duda is truly leading the effort in maintaining the high-quality products and customer service in the fresh produce industry with this investment,” said Larry Pierce, Senior Director Research and Development Plant Breeding. “It’s exciting to see how much this program has grown over the past few years and to know that our brand is committed to doing what is necessary to move the dial on innovation.”

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Duda Farm Fresh Foods