Dulcinea® Farms' Blair Butterworth Reveals Seasonal Insights on Sugar Kiss Melons

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Fri. August 6th, 2021 - by Chandler James

LOS ANGELES, CA - I recently tried out the Sugar Kiss melon from Dulcinea® Farms. The next time I went to the store, I was keeping a close eye out for that lovely logo. It’s safe to say that this exclusive variety is a boon for repeat purchases, and with the season here for a limited time, there’s a good chance shoppers will be visiting the store more frequently to get their fix.

Blair Butterworth, Marketing Associate, Dulcinea® Farms“Make the display loud and proud,” says Blair Butterworth, Marketing Associate, as we discuss the importance of merchandising. “The Sugar Kiss Melon is a highly sought-after seasonal item available from June through October. With many produce items being available year-round now due to global supply, consumers stay on high alert for their favorite seasonal varieties, so make it known that you have the Sugar Kiss in stock.”

Blair emphasizes that Dulcinea receives rave reviews from its customers, noting the unique differences between a Sugar Kiss melon and a regular cantaloupe.

Dulcinea® Farms' popular and highly anticipated Sugar Kiss melons are seasonal, available only from June through October

“Sugar Kiss has a unique flesh that is super, super sweet. It truly melts in your mouth, dissolving like sugar on the tongue. Consumers tell us daily how much they love this melon, and they recommend them to their families, friends, and even other shoppers in the produce department,” Blair tells me. “We even receive inquiries about purchasing Sugar Kiss seeds or buying directly from us by the case!”

Word-of-mouth recommendations are powerful, and I can say from personal experience that this variety has people talking. So, when those customers’ families and friends come into your store to track down Sugar Kiss melons, be sure the aisle is fully stocked with the tantalizing variety.

With a uniquely flavored flesh that is super sweet, the exclusive variety is a boon for repeat shopper purchases

“We offer POS materials and are always willing to negotiate ad pricing,” Blair adds. “Please email us or contact a sales representative if you are interested in samples of Sugar Kiss melons.”

The shoppers have spoken, so don’t miss this opportunity to up department sales for the remainder of the season.

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