Dulcinea Farms' Jeff Nichol Discusses Melon Program Update

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Wed. July 21st, 2021 - by Chandler James

LOS ANGELES, CA - Striped, solid, and everything in between—the colors and patterns found in the melon category are true show-stoppers on the shelf. Dulcinea Farms is one supplier with significant expertise in the sector, and I recently got an update on the company’s programs from Jeff Nichol of Sales.

Jeff Nichol, Sales Member, Dulcinea Farms“We just wrapped up our Yuma, Arizona, season and are now growing in Heron, California,” said Jeff. “We are expecting steady volumes and pricing for the remainder of the summer.”

Jeff told me that this Yuma season, Dulcinea had some very hot periods of weather, but abnormally cooler weather between 103 and 105, toward the end of the season. That cooler weather extended the region’s growing season about a week further than in years past. With strong supplies available, now is the time to push these gorgeous varieties at retail.

“July is known for watermelon! This is the best time of the year to promote our PureHearts,” Jeff explained. “Also, the Kiss melon line is in season for a short time frame. Do not miss the opportunity to build big displays around those seasonal items.”

Dulcinea Farms has reported that abnormally cooler weather extended the Yuma, Arizona, region’s growing season about a week further than in years past

Dulcinea is always working in advance with retailers to support the promotion of its products, offering collaborative promotional tools to maximize ROI at every point in the supply chain. For example, the company is working with Gelson’s on a National Watermelon Merchandising competition, which ANUK will be discussing in a future article.

“We are dedicated to only shipping what will be ready and ripe to eat by the time it is in the consumer's hands,” Jeff added on a final note. “With a unique lineup of proprietary varieties, no one else can provide the melons that we grow.”

It sounds to me like there will be some successful melon merchandising in our future, and Dulcinea is poised to be at the center of the action.

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