Dulcinea Increases Volumes By 15 Percent for Melons

Mon. August 10th, 2015
- by Jessica Donnel     

LADERA RANCH, CA - With melons out of California looking better than ever and Mexico production right around the corner, Dulcinea has a lot to smile about this summer.

Dulcinea's Sunny Gold Mini Watermelons

The company plans to harvest everything from Tuscan Cantaloupes, PureHeart Mini Watermelons, and its newest product Sunny Gold Yellow Mini Watermelons until around September 14th, with Mexico production and Dulcinea’s PureHeart Mini Watermelons starting around September 26th.  

Steve Dabich, Vice President of Sales, Dulcinea

“Production out of California has been a great yielding crop with good quality,” Steve Dabich, Dulcinea’s Vice President of Sales tells me. “Dulcinea has had a much better season than we could have hoped for. Yields have been up in our growing areas and consumer demand for Dulcinea melons has been up as well.”

In fact, projected volumes for Dulcinea have reached 15% more compared to last year following the successful California season, making it a great time for marketers to push different promotions on the category.

“At Dulcinea our mission is simple: We listen to you,” Dabich says. “We only grow what you want with the flavor you want. That's what makes us different. Dulcinea will continue to be the innovator, and continue trialing different varieties of melons until we find the perfect genetic to produce the best tasting melon possible. 'Fruit of Legendary Perfection' will continue to be our goal.”

One notable win for this season has been the company’s newest product in its portfolio: Dulcinea’s Sunny Gold Yellow Mini Watermelons with bright yellow flesh and sweet flavor. Stay tuned as we continue to follow Dulcinea’s melon season and what’s to come next for the company in Mexico.