Dylan Lym Talks Western Veg-Pro's Grape Program Expansion

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Wed. June 13th, 2018 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

BAKERSFIELD, CA - There’s much in the works for Western Veg-Pro as the summer months approach. Dylan Lym joined me to discuss an expanded grape program, including new varietal offerings, as well as updating me on the integration of broader organic strawberry offerings.

Dylan Lym, Sales, Western Veg-Pro“We are now partnering with a third-generation, family-owned grape grower that is adding a premium operation to our existing acreage,” Dylan shares, telling me that the grapes and their label are high-end quality. “These new offerings will be packed under the King Pak label, which is really a premium brand to match the program. This new partner has good ground and high-quality varieties.”

Kicking off the season towards the end of June/first week of July, this bolstered portfolio will bring Western Veg’s grape program to upwards of 11 varieties. Packed under its LBK, El Rancho, and King Pak labels, these include:

  • Red Seedless: Flames, Scarlet Royal, Vintage Red, Magenta
  • Green Seedless: Sugraone, Valley Pearl, Autumn King, Ivory
  • Black Seedless: Summer Royal, Autumn Royal
  • Red Seeded: Red Globe

The company is excited to welcome the Ivory variety, a newer green seedless grape Dylan describes as a premium green in color and flavor, to be packed under the King Pak label.

Western Veg-Pro's King Pak Label

The increase in its grape acreage, both with this new partner and additional ranches, seems to be just the beginning. Dylan tells me that the team is looking to grow its grape portfolio to the extent it has its strawberry program.

On the note of strawberries, Dylan shares that the company is seeing return on its investment in the ever-growing organic sector.

“We’re excited to be kicking off the organic strawberry program we recently added, a category we are looking to continue to expand as we broaden our resources and portfolio,” he tells me. “We’ve increased our acreage in organic strawberries as well, with plans to continue that expansion year-over-year. As it is, shipments this year will be triple what they have been previously as we continue to grow our numbers.”

Western Veg-Pro's organic strawberries

This is an exciting add-on to the company’s conventional strawberry program, which as we previously reported, has reached year-round supply capabilities.

Western Veg-Pro’s organic strawberries will be packed under its Short and Sweet label. As summer demand approaches for such snackable produce categories, continue to check in with AndNowUKnow for the latest in supply, quality, and more.

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