Enza Zaden Champions Resistance Makes the Difference Initiative

Fri. September 14th, 2018
- by Lillie Apostolos     

THE NETHERLANDS - We all love the beautiful and comforting feeling when we are able to cut off a fresh sprig of this herb or a head of that lettuce. Enza Zaden is hoping to create a wave of change in the industry by introducing its Resistance Makes the Difference initiative, which seeks to make customers aware of which products will enhance their production and end-users’ consumption. The goal, here, is to push fresh to a new level and promote it as the gift that keeps on giving.

Erica Renaud, Regional Business Manager, North America, Vitalis Organic Seeds“We put Enza Zaden on the map as breeders of herbs,” Business Manager Erica Renaud shares with me. “Around 10 years ago, we tightened the breeding objectives of several herb varieties to gear them more to the needs of our customers and end users. Customers want plants with good resistance and year-round homogeneous, reliable production. Therefore, we now actively focus on resistance and quality traits, breeding by selecting and crossing specific genetic characteristics that make the plants resistant or less susceptible to common diseases with extended shelf-life.”

Resistance Makes the Difference seeks to make customers aware of which products will enhance their production and end-users’ consumption

This action plan was intentional and strategic in nature. The company sought to cater to the current trends on the food scene, as well as what consumers can purchase to make life easier and more culinary pursuits effective.

 Jean-Francois Thomin, Marketing Manager, Enza Zaden“Cooking is hot, and fresh herbs are part of that trend. In the western world, the demand for live herbs in pots, in clamshells with roots intact and/or freshly cut has been steadily increasing for many years now. No surprise there!” Marketing Manager Jean-Francois Thomin shares. “What could be easier and more satisfying than snipping a fresh bouquet garnish on your own window ledge, balcony, or patio? Enza Zaden supports this development by offering both growers and end-users herb varieties that are less susceptible to diseases.”

Moving forward, the company hopes to grow its product offerings to benefit both customers and their consumers.

Demand for live herbs in pots, in clamshells with roots intact, or freshly cut has been steadily increasing

“Enza Zaden will continue to steadily expand its range of resistant and tolerant herb varieties for sale in pots,” Renaud says. “Those varieties lead to higher yields, fewer product losses at retail outlets, and greater satisfaction among end users—all in all, major advantages that will support the further growth of this category of products."

Fresh ingredients, fresh take on business, and fresh interest in an industry that keeps us all on our toes—what more could we want?

Enza Zaden