FirstFruits Farms Adds Advanced Cherry Production Line to Operations; Chuck Zeutenhorst Details

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Tue. March 14th, 2023 - by Chandler James

YAKIMA, WA - Fresh cherries will be here before we know it, and FirstFruits Farms is well positioned to deliver a consistent supply all season long. The grower is making some operational adjustments, announcing the construction of an advanced cherry production line at its facility in Prescott, Washington.

Chuck Zeutenhorst, President, FirstFruits Farms“As a company, we are constantly looking to improve our operations and way of business, and this new cherry facility only strengthens our offerings as a company,” says Chuck Zeutenhorst, President. “Our new cherry line will be the highest tier of technology available so that our potential customers know they are getting the best from us.”

The production line will feature advanced technology offering total automation, resulting in the ability to provide customers with the highest quality fruit available. A press release stated that the new facility will continue to put FirstFruits Farms at the forefront of retail integration.

FirstFruits Farms recently announced the construction of an advanced cherry production line at its facility in Prescott, Washington, strengthening its offerings and streamlining production

The solutions crafted by UNITEC will run both Rainier and Dark Sweet cherries through the production line in conjunction with packaging including clamshell, pouch bags, and top seal. This streamlined equipment will allow FirstFruits to significantly increase production volumes and is scheduled to be completed by April 2023, making it fully functional for the upcoming cherry season.

Stick with us to see what else is in store for the 2023 cherry season.

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